Jesus Loves You Decal

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Vinyl Decal Black/White Jesus Loves You Sticker Text Window Sticker High Quality Waterproof Car Decor KK 20cm X 15cm

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Step 1: Clean the position on the car body that needs to be attached, and wipe it dry with a clean towel


The second step: directly tear off the bottom paper of the sticker, paste it on the part to be installed, and scrape it with a scraper.




①Dry pasting method-suitable for small stickers: when dry pasting, you can't paste it all at once.

First paste the right side, hang the left side, then push from the right side to the left side, and paste while scraping

go with. If there is a transfer film, it can be removed directly.

2 Wet sticking method-suitable for large stickers: spray on the body and car stickers

Released detergent water (the detergent water can play a role in lubricating, avoid the wrong position

Can't be moved), paste, smooth, scrape out the water in the car sticker, and at the same time

Squeeze it out, after all scraping, keep it for 15-20 minutes, and wait until the sticker is completely dry

Then tear off the transfer film on the surface of the sticker. If you want the sticker to dry quickly, you can use heat

Gently blow the air gun to heat it up (pay attention to the distance). After the sticker is dry, you can turn it

Remove the film.




①Be careful when installing the stickers, and be careful not to let the stickers stick together.

②Please do not wash the car within three days, because the sticker has not been completely pasted within this time, so wash

The high-turn water column of the car will affect it. Washing the car after three days is fine.

Buyer's Reading]

①Because some larger stickers are rolled up during the packaging and delivery process,

The bottom paper and transfer film of the sticker are a little airy, and some bottom paper will be a little wrinkled, please

Don't worry, this is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality of the sticker and the installation process.